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History & Mission

Sportswear From the Best Fabric

Arnold Gym Gear is the home of high performance gym wear, workout clothing and running gear that’s truly fit for the 21st century. Each item of our sportswear is made from the best fabric for the job, so you can work out in comfort as well as in fashion style. 

This has been our philosophy from the start. We know your time in the gym or on your favourite running circuit is precious. So our gym clothing is designed to make sure you get the most out of each session, time after time. We’re constantly innovating to make sure that our sportswear keeps its cutting edge for practicality, comfort and good looks. 

Arnold Gym Gear delivers exceptional value for money for sportswear, gym wear and fitness apparel that won’t let you down. And we’re keeping it that way.

Gym Wear for Anyone

From modest beginnings in the late 90s, when we sold mainly gym t-shirts, tops and hoodies, our range has expanded to include a comprehensive selection of gym clothing and specialist sportswear for women as well as for men. Our customers of bodybuilders and runners spread the word, so now our market has grown. Our gym wear is for anyone who takes fitness and exercise seriously.

Our development has been a journey and we love the fact that we’re still on it. In 2011, with the business ready for growth, our founding chairman handed over to the next generation. We set about developing and enhancing the range of gym wear for men and for women. We started with gym wear in the UK and since 2016 we’ve sold extensively overseas as well.  

With each new product, we take a careful look at what our customers tell us they want and combine that with our long experience of what works well. So we still sell our classics, such as the drop armhole hoodie – ever popular with bodybuilders – and your favourite grey joggers, because they do the job just right. But we’ve kept pace with new fabrics and designs too. Now we have a range of clothing that covers everything from technical underwear (there’s nothing like a good fit) to top quality winter quilted jackets – just the ticket after a session on a cold winter’s day. We have established an innovative ranges of gym wear for women and for men and activewear to suit all occasions.

Passion for Excellence

All of our gym clothing is easy to care for, and our friendly staff are always happy to help and advise before, during and after your purchase. As consumer preferences continue to change, we relish the challenge of leading  on a path of continual product improvement, backed up by great customer service.

At Arnold Gym Gear, we’re driven by a passion for exercise and by a passion for excellence. We’re committed to sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We know first-hand how fitness empowers individuals and builds confidence. We feel privileged that our gym wear makes it easier for you to get out and work out. We’re proud to be your choice of sportswear.