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A premium outerwear collection. Stay dry with your fitness jacket, rain jackets and gilets for men from Arnold Gym.

Jackets & Coats

The pieces in this first-class outerwear collection designed by Arnold Gym for men stand out with their style and quality. The features of jackets & coats are way above the expectations. You can feel the effects of Arnold Gym brand designing products according to the comfort you expect. We see it in the jacket , coat collection, as in all other sportswear products designed by the brand.

Weather Conditions

In all jackets and coats, features that will help you a lot in your fight against cold weather conditions have been carefully thought out and designed. The puffer hooded jackets of this men’s clothing collection are specially designed to combat harsh weather conditions. You won’t feel like you’re under a ton of weight when you’re wearing these light jackets.

These jackets and coats are useful that you will feel quite light when you wear them. In this way, you will have the opportunity to move more comfortably. The fabric used in puffer hooded jackets and coats is a padded fabric. Also, some jackets and coats designed  have a zippered chest pocket. Thanks to this chest pocket, you can safely store your important belongings such as your phone, keys, and wallet. Moreover, you can quickly find these important items whenever you need them with this design.

The integrated adjustable puffer hooded jacket provides you a comfortable use. Jackets and coats have a water-repellent coating. Thanks to this feature of Arnold Gym jackets and coats, rain is prevented from penetrating the inside of your coat in rainy weather. In addition, they prevent the evacuation of sweat from your body.

Simple & Stylish Design

Among the pieces belonging to the collection, there is also a gilet. You can wear the gilet throughout the season thanks to its luxurious fashion design. These designed gilets  have 2 linings and closing side pockets. Also, they have elastic armholes. It has a waterproof and windproof fabric. With its deep hooded feature, you can pull the collar of the garment up as much as you want.

The colors used in these mens clothing collections are quite vivid. You will attract attention throughout the season with these jackets and coats. The products have various colour options. In addition, the sizes are available from XS to 3XL. You can prefer wearing them in the season. We produce these jackets and gilets in a wide range of sizes to make them suitable for everyone.

These jackets, coats and gilets have a useful design. You can wear them as a part of your daily life. Each of these flexible cut pieces creates a modern look with embroidered logos on the chest. You can wear them comfortably over thick clothes. Thanks to these coats and jackets, you will be able to spend a whole season without getting cold, and you will attract all eyes with your elegance at the same time.