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Best 15 Exercises to Lose Weight

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For those looking to sculpt a healthier and more toned physique, combining exercises to lose weight with a focused approach to sports and diet is key. Achieving a high heart rate through intensive workout sessions is crucial for rapid fat burning. However, it’s imperative to ensure that these high-intensity exercises are safe and do not adversely affect your health. Before embarking on any physical regimen aimed at weight loss, verifying the absence of health issues is essential. This ensures that the exercises recommended below, designed to maximize fat loss, are both effective and appropriate for your body.

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It is necessary to train at a high heart rate for fast fat burning. High heart rate workouts consist of tiring and active periods. While trying to lose weight and burn fat, you should be sure that these movements will not cause any problems for your health. Because speeding up the heart beat and loading on your body may not be good for you. For this, you must first make sure that you do not have any health problems. Then, you can do the best exercises that are recommended for you below and help you burn fat.

Remember that for a healthy and fit body, you must first get rid of excess fat. The most effective way to get rid of these fats is to do workouts where you spend high energy and sweat. However, if you do not follow a healthy and balanced nutrition program, the exercise you do will not be efficient. For this reason, keep in mind that you need to be careful about both doing sports and your diet. Remember that you need to do sports to have a healthy and fit body.


This movement can be explained as running in our place by pulling the knees towards the abdomen. While doing the movement, try to pull your knees up as much as possible and move your arms in a synchronized manner. You can also do the exercise as a warm-up motion at the beginning of your workout. Beginners should do this exercise and others at a slow pace, then increasing their tempo. It can be started with 15-20 repetitions by counting each step as 1. The number of sets can be increased after starting 2 sets.


This movement is one of the basic movements of fitness and aerobic systems. Jumping where you are, you spread your legs to the side and at the same time you bring your arms together above your head. You can also do this movement as a warm-up movement. For the beginner level, 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions can be done. When you open your legs to the side, try to bring the arms above your head. As synchronization, you may find it difficult to do the right thing at first, but don’t give up, your body has already started to warm up and get rid of excess fat!


Begin the movement in a push-up position. Holding the stomach firmly, first pull one knee to your chest with a slight jump, lift your foot off the ground and return to your starting position again. By changing the knees, you can do it in a series of time (30-45 seconds) or if you want, you can count each knee pull 1 repetition for 15-20 repetitions. Try to keep your hip position as stable as possible. In other words, do not lift your hips up too much while pulling the knees, your legs should move. Do not forget about breath control during the movement. Correct breathing for each set is a method that affects your fat burning.


You crouch (squat position) by pulling the hips backwards so that the knees do not exceed the tips of the toes. Now you end the movement by jumping up from the last position you were in. While falling down, your body position should not be in an upright position, but again in a squat position. You can start as 2 sets of 5-10 repetitions. Those who have problems with their knees should avoid this movement. If you do not have a painful knee problem, you can make the variation of the movement for the beginner level by removing the jump function. Make sure to leave it alone at the point where you feel difficult while doing this movement. You must not cause any injury.


This movement effectively works many parts of the body and increases strength and endurance. Put your hands on the ground, pull your knees towards your stomach, then throw your legs back with a slight jump. Keep your arms stretched, pull your knees towards your stomach again, then jump upwards by raising your arms above your head. You can start with 1 set of 5-10 repetitions. While doing this movement, you should remember that you need to make controlled movements for your waist and neck health.


HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training, uses short bursts of very intense activities to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and even build lean muscle to some degree. Most of these do not require any equipment. HITT exercises can be done in many different ways, and they increase the amount of oxygen that goes to the muscles by increasing your heart rate.  You should remember that in order to do HIIT training, you must be sure of your health. It is very important to be prepared for such an intense workout.


It is an advanced exercise for pushing your limits. Although it is a very classic training, its effect is serious. It is important that you can do this workout, which involves climbing up and down stairs, as fast as possible. Thus, your blood flow rate increases, you burn more fat and you gain muscle mass.


It is a cardio workout for fat burning. Lift enough weight to challenge yourself and increase the speed of your metabolism and it will make it easier for you to stay lean. Standing with both hands parallel to your front, stand on one foot and lift the other foot up and back, you can do this in 3 sets with 20 repetitions.

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33 minutes is a total body kettlebell routine. Total body exercise for basic muscles; allows you to work regionally. You need weight equipment for this exercise. Pull the weight towards your chest in the squat position and drop it back on the floor.


Jackknife Crunches is an abdominal movement that develops both the upper and lower abdominal muscles for maximum effect in the least amount of time. This movement is particularly beneficial for fat burning because without equipment it can be difficult to have strong abdominal muscles.


This coordinated movement creates balance while working the glute, thigh, oblique and lower back muscles. For this movement, you have to crouch at a ninety-degree angle, taking steps forward. Remember to keep your back straight throughout the movement.


Take the normal plank position and make sure all your muscles are taut. Inhale push-ups and go down, push yourself out while breathing out, and touch your opposite shoulder with one hand. Repeat by changing hands.


In the position you started off as a plank, pull your knees towards you from the side of the body. 12 repetitions for each leg.


Repeat the more you can fit this entire set in 15 minutes. When your workout is over, make sure to do stretching movements. Stand with your legs apart and your toes facing out. Extend your hips slightly and crouch until your knees are 90 degrees. Tighten your upper leg and hip muscles and jump gently.


Stand with your legs apart and your toes facing out. Extend your hips slightly and crouch until your knees are 90 degrees. Tighten your upper leg and hip muscles and jump gently.