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Innovative fabrics and designs, Arnold Gym’s underwear provides the base for a superior workout, whether you’re running, lifting or playing sports. It’s been designed for your comfort, blended fabric allows you to use last longer underwear.

Underwear Designed for Fitness Wear & Daily

How can you do sports when you can’t walk in uncomfortable underwear even in daily life? A comfortable men’s underwear that will not restrict movements during sports is one of the most necessary things. At this point, Arnold Gym stands out with the quality and comfort it shows in its underwear, just like the quality it shows in all its other products. Arnold Gym does not compromise on quality by using first class microfiber fabric in men’s underwear.

AG Men’s underwear has many color options such as black, gray and white. Also, it has different models such as Gym Underwear Sport Series and Olympic Series Underwear; available from Small to XX-Large. The iconic Arnold Gym logo is on every men’s underwear.

Comfortable Boxers with Special Design

The fabric of Arnold Gym men’s boxers is of high quality. Also, they are very soft and flexible. They are made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. These men’s underwear will make you feel comfortable with its silky and soft structure. Arnold Gym men’s underwear will show you that you have never been comfortable before boxers for men. You can wear them comfortably during sports activities, specially in legging days. In addition, you will like to wear them in your daily life.

Thanks to the elastic waistband, it will grip your waist tightly and prevent the underwear from sliding down. Also, AG signature elastic waistband and front logo make these men’s boxers more stylish. There are various color options for these boxers.

Durable Microfiber Fabric

These boxers, will not be easily deformed even though after years, they are very flexible, durable. Crafted mainly made of cotton soft fabric. Arnold Gym takes your needs and expectations into consideration while designing its products. In addition, it has maintained this attitude while producing men’s boxer products. It has designed and developed men’s boxer products for your daily life and active lifestyle.

These men’s underwear products provide long-lasting use with their quality fabrics. In addition, these boxers are light and comfortable as they are made of microfiber fabric. If you prefer these underwear with microfiber fabric, it will be more beneficial for your health in terms of breathability. Moreover, you will reduce the risk of some skin problems.

Men’s underwear are much higher quality than other brands’ underwear. They have a flexible and silky fabric feature. In addition, they never irritate your skin. Furthermore, it can be easily worn in all kinds of sports, including fitness, cross-fit, jogging, bodybuilding.

You can feel better anytime and anywhere with these Arnold Gym men’s underwear products with superior performance. You can wear them while training, at work, and at school. These men’s underwear products will always adapt to you. You should give these amazing products a chance. With their quality fabrics and the comfort they provide, you will never regret your purchase.