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Top 5 Motivational Fitness Movies

top 5 motivational movies by arnold gym

Motivational Fitness Movies

Sometimes people start fitness because they complain about their weight, sometimes to stay healthy fit and sometimes because they are inspired by someone. Doing exercise regularly or going to fitness is not as easy as starting. As we are living in busy life style, people can’t get the opportunity from their work, school or day-to-day activities go to fitness. But we know that the main thing in fitness is stability / regular visits to gym. People can find strength and be inspired by the movies they watch, the songs they listen to, fitness apparel they wear, or the books they read. In this article, we have prepared a list of “top 5 motivational fitness movies” that fitness lovers can watch and inspire.

If we look at the first movie of the top 5 motivational fitness movies;

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Forgler is a 28-year-old woman who lives in New York City and has an ordinary job. She and her roommate, who has a dream of becoming a social media celebrity or influencer, are partying one night with too many drugs. For this reason, they need to take an Adderall test. When Brittany goes to the hospital for testing, she gets a diagnosis from the doctor that she never expected. The doctor tells Brittany that she is too overweight and needs to lose weight as soon as possible.

Brittany has decided pull herself together, begins to look for gyms that fit her budget. But no gym can even come close to her budget. Brittany’s neighbour advises her to run outside. Brittany finds this suggestion logical and starts running every single day. During the group run, Brittany meets someone with whom she shares the same goals, and they start running each day together. The duo then grow their goals and aim to participate in the New York City Marathon.

Brittany needs to lose the last 5 pounds to reach her targeted weight. But losing weight at some point will not be so easy for her. She works an additional job to go to the gym and constantly perseveres. When marathon day comes, Brittany completes the run with 26 miles.

With this film, “You don’t have to have dozens of money to achieve your goal. If you have a goal and faith, you can achieve it in every way.” message is given.

If we continue with second movie of the top 5 motivational fitness movies;

Pain & Gain

Daniel Lugo and his best friend Adrian Doorbal live in Florida. They make a living as coaches in a bodybuilding gym. The Film begins with Daniel shuttling upside down, where he becomes an inspirational film debut with the line “My name is Daniel Lugo and I believe in fitness” as he flees from the cops. These two are quite tired of their every day being the same. Now they are tired of the annoying order and the low salaries they receive. So they decide to pursue their own dreams. They come up with a risky and illegal plan. They kidnap a rich client they already know is guilty. So they think they can get rich by covering things up. This duo is joined by another close friend, Paul Doyle. Paul also just got out of prison. But things get rough with unexpected coincidences.

Let’s continue with third movie of the top 5 motivational fitness movies;

Burn After Reading

It is a light but fun and motivating film with a cast of entirely Hollywood stars. Ozzie Cox is fired from his position at the CIA on the grounds that he is an alcoholic life style and addiction. After while, circumstances getting worse, he even cannot feed himself and is quite angry, begins to make plans for revenge. Ozzie records CIA classified information on a CD and leaves his post. However, things will not be as easy as he thinks. Ozzie’s wife, Katie, with whom Ozzie is on the verge of divorce, steals the CD from Ozzie. She forgets the CD at the gym where she goes. Chad, who coaches in the hall, and Linda, the manager of the Hall, accidentally find the cd and the two start blackmailing Ozzie. Then things get complicated when Katie gets involved in the whole thing with her.

As we approach the end of our “top 5 motivational fitness movies” list, the film we will continue;

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman is a man famous for his wealth from the family. He is young and handsome, experiences their advantages both in his work and in his social life. Patrick, who is thought to have had a fairly ordinary life, is actually not what he sees at all. Patrick is a psychopath who likes to kill people for no reason. He even takes parts from the bodies of the people he kills and hides them in his house. No one but himself knows the secret of this man, who from the outside seems quite handsome, sympathetic and intellectual.

We came last in the top 5 motivational fitness movies. Last but not least. It’s a movie that everyone knows and hasn’t fallen off the tongue for years;


Apollo Creed is a boxer who became the heavyweight boxing world champion in 1975. 200 of the founding of the United States. He agrees to participate in the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. However, a few weeks before the championship, Apollo’s opponent broke his wrist and therefore was unable to compete. Apollo chooses Rocky Balboa as his opponent. Rocky later agrees to the match, although he does not want to at first. Rocky begins training in a way he was not used to before. Mickey Goldmill coaches him.

The older brother of the woman Rocky is with begins to be jealous of Rocky and he tries to undermine their work. Rocky realises that he must win all the fights to prove himself. So he works pretty hard. The fight between Rocky and Apollo continues for fourteen rounds. Both fighters suffered injuries. But neither of them cares. At the end of the fifteenth round, both fighters are locked in each other’s arms. They both know that there will be no rematch of this match. All spectators watch the match with great excitement and in the end, Rocky becomes the winner. Rocky doesn’t respond to any of the cheers and immediately goes and hugs his girlfriend.